БОЛЬШЕ чем цена

Sieve beer

Jam filtering is one of the most important moment during the technological process of  beer production. Brewing syrup output quality depends on it. Filtering process task is thorough separating brewers’ grains from brewing syrup and receiving full extract. It is important to use effective equipment for this process .

Jam filtering is a very important moment when beer production. The process task is to receive the rich extract.

Our company has designed the technology of filter tanks sieves production.

Our sieves have following characteristics:

– type of material is food stainless steel AISI 304, 4 mm

– slot-like gap 0,6-0,8mm

Our sieves advantages:

– «useful» section  area – up to 20%

-even raw materials distribution in filtration zone

– excluding of all contamination sources  and product quality enhancing

-any size and configuration

– durability

Our clients:

“Heinrich Schultz” Company (Ukraine, Kyiv); LLC “Hrabov” (Barnaul, Russia);

LLC “Orion group” (Ukraine, Kyiv); LLC “Prommontazh-04” (Ukraine, Kharkiv).