БОЛЬШЕ чем цена

About company

Water jet cutting technology is a genial and whilst a simple decision, which is used in construction, architecture, design and in all spheres of industrial construction.

Cutting can be performed by means of high pressure water jet, which is main component of given process:

ferrous metal and alloys;

high-hardness steel and alloys (including heat-resisting and stainless steel );

base metal and its alloys (the brass, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and its alloys);

composite materials;

stoneware (porcelain tile, tile);

natural and artificial stone (granite, marble and etc.)

glass-cloth-base laminate;

porous and transparent material.

«Gidrorez» company is the first in Kharkiv with own, and the most up to date equipment in Ukraine, for water jet cutting of different panel material.

Our company is targeted on the highest quality standards,

prompt service and competitive price.

By reason of problem solving is reduced to tree items:  price, quality and speed (time).