БОЛЬШЕ чем цена

Other material cutting

There are no limitations that, water jet equipment can cut, including concrete, mineral and terracotta plates (panels), rubber, plexiglas, plastic , artificial stone and other composite materials.

These materials can be «inconstant», in connection with increase porosity, structural discontinuity, weakness. Special skills and possibilities are required for their cutting, connected with high technology use.

Numerous problems, appearing during cutting of materials by means of another cutting methods, can be solved by water jet cutting.

For instance, fabric-based laminate is pressurized multilayer material which is made of fiber and resin binder. The fabric-based laminate, glass-fiber laminate, foil coated fabric-based laminate is used in different industrial spheres from electronic to mechanic engineering.

The main problems in fabric – based laminate cutting, as well as Plexiglas cutting by means of mechanical technics are shears and buffings. And even usual  hydro abrasive equipment not always can provide required quality of its delaminating.

Unique technology, used in our equipment, gives the possibility of cutting without  shears and buffings with ideal sizing and straight vertical edge.

This function starts before main cutting and performs prior « perforating » material perforation (abrasive supplying before water , begins to cut material after the first water drop supplied). It allows to cut material without shears and buffings, to make holes in definite places of part.