БОЛЬШЕ чем цена

screen meshes

The mesh is a consumable item which is used at screening – screen sizing of rock formation and its further grading. Being the screen’s main element, the mesh is used in order to get high performance of screen sizing.

One of our principal directions is production of conical form holes meshes for vibratory screens which are used for agglomerate screen sizing in accordance with customer drawings.

 Our efficiency

– For production of meshes we use the advanced equipment FLOW Mach 4c with working envelope 2000х4000mm.

Dynamic Waterjet® technology provides high accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm and high performance (thrice quicker than standard technologies of water jet cutting).

Dynamic Waterjet® XD technology provides quick 5 axis part cutting with high accuracy of preset angle. The performance range of a cutting head is +/-60о.

Laser Height Setter Flow – DynaBeam technology allows processing the material with roughened surface.